It's Tea Time Somewhere: "All About Language"


Introducing our new episode series: "It's Tea Time Somewhere!" Every several episodes, we'll take a break from interviewing guests and the podcast team will get together to chat about different topics. This week it's all about LANGUAGE. The thought of that either made you fist pump the air with excitement or made your eye twitch a little. Denise, Alicia and Melissa share about the beginning of their language journeys.  They share tips from our Instagram Community and they chat a little about advance language learning and breaking past plateaus.  No matter what your feelings are towards learning a new language or where you are in that language learning journey, we hope you'll find this episode to be helpful.

 We're happy to have our editor, Melissa, with us for this episode to chat. If you want to follow along with Melissa's awesome life, check out her Instagram account.

As promised, rare photo footage from the days of the dreadlocks for Melissa:

Also as promised, her perfected dough recipe (good for rolls or pizza). This is one of those recipes complete with precise "-ish" and "whatever" measurements: 

1.5 cup warm waterDissolve 3 tsp yeastAdd 2.25 tsp sugar to the yeast mixture and let it sit for 15 min (it will get bubbly)Add 2 Tbsp olive oilMix 2 tsp salt into 4.5 cups of flour and add to the yeast mixture.Let rise! (for at least 1 hour)Shape however you want. Bake at 400 whatever for 20 minutes? ish?If you're making rolls, you can egg wash the tops before baking and add Italian spices or whatever.

 Since Melissa likes to use big words and impress us with all her language skills, here's the definition of "polyglot"...

Polyglot: (adjective) knowing or using several languages (example: "a polyglot career woman"); (noun) a person who knows and is able to use several languages.

If you're interested in hearing more about Colette and Max's experience with learning language, check out Episode 02!We shared some language tips we gathered from our followers. There was a lot more language advice and wisdom shared on our Instagram account. Go find the photo shown below over on our account and read through all the comments!Denise mentioned about learning language via the GPA (Growing Participator Approach) method. If you're curious to know more about that, check out this blog. It's packed full of information about what this method is, along with resources so you can incorporate this method into your own language learning journey. There are also blog posts, and I spy with my little eye a post about POLYGLOTS.Last, but certainly not least, if you find that your language learning as plateaued a bit, we recommend reading this article and gleaning from the advice they have to offer.  

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