Episode 05: Meeting Your Host Culture More Than Halfway with Dacia Hamby


A lot of people thought Dacia wouldn't last in Uganda. Pretty clothes and heels filled her closet in Texas before she decided to sell everything, buy her first pair of flat shoes, and move abroad. She was the only overseas worker with a local boss and she knew if they were going to make this work, she was going to have to submit to the culture a little more than most people do. Dacia is a radiant example of someone who went all in, even when rejection was abundant, in order to show her love for the people. 

 You can connect with Dacia on Instagram and follow her blog, This Is My Joy.You too can have that fresh tan look straight from home. If only we all had a Dacia to come give us a sun-kissed glow on our skin :-) A link to the Velvet Ashes article that Denise shared during "Our Favorite Things" segment: "Another Kind of Cost"Do you have a favorite article from around the web? Then share it with us! You can do this a few different ways:

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