Episode 08: Taking the Extra Few Steps with Jana Kelley


Isn't it funny how sometimes we struggle with going the extra few steps to meet our neighbor, even though we've already taken thousands of steps to move overseas in the first place? We've already sold all our possessions, moved away from all that's familiar, and immersed ourselves into a new culture and language. So what makes taking some of those extra steps to reach out to the people around us so difficult? Jana shares her personal experience with this struggle and how she has found ways to push herself, even it means awkwardly offering a loaf of banana bread to get the conversation going. 

You can connect with Jana on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by visiting her author webpage: JanaKelley.comIf you're interested in checking out any of Jana's books, here are the links to ALL of them:The Devotionals:Villa in the Hilla (based in North Africa)Cottage in the Kampung (based in Southeast Asia)The Novels:Side by Side Door to FreedomMercy Triumphs (available for pre-order on Amazon)All of the books and devotionals listed above have the option to take a peek inside. Jana also shared a story from Villa on the Hilla on our blog. It involved crying over cookies (don't act like you haven't). You can read it here.Other times Jana has written on our blog:-- She shared a tip about insults and compliments in our series, 31 Tips for Surviving (not crying) in a New Country-- She also shared 5 Ways to Impact your TCK's AttitudeDenise mentioned her favorite post from Taking Route being the series about Decompression Layovers (written by Emily Jackson)Part 1: What They Are and Why You'll Love ThemPart 2: How to Plan a Decompression LayoverPart 3: 9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Decompression Layover City Do you have a favorite post or series from Taking Route? Then share it with us! You can do this a few different ways:Send us an email to podcast(at)takingroute(dot)net. Click here to leave us a voice message.Find Taking Route on Voxer (available on iTunes and Google Play) and leave us a message there.If you love the Taking Route podcast, we would LOVE for you to SUBSCRIBE and leave us a review on iTunes. And if you want to go the extra mile, share our podcast with one or two friends who would benefit.  Thanks for your support!