Episode 15: Raising a Multiracial Family Abroad with Sharon Rivers


Depending on where you live in the world, the topic of skin color might come up daily. Maybe your skin tone is noticeably different than everyone else around you and this physical feature is brought to your attention (as if you weren’t already aware of it). It then becomes the topic of discussion for the next 5 minutes. It’s a type of discussion our friend Sharon Rivers is all too familiar with and she’s become quite well-versed in it by now. As a mother of 5 children (3 biological and 2 adopted), her colorful family gets extra glances and comments directed their way, no matter where they are in the world. During our interview with Sharon, she beautifully articulates how race is both nothing and everything for their family.Don't forget you can listen and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.  If you leave us a review we will be happy! happy! happy!  It's so easy, right from your phone.

If you’re interested in following Sharon’s life abroad, you can find her on Instagram.And you can see what a day in her life looked like when she still lived in Malaysia by clicking here.If you’re curious about the human trafficking of babies that happens in Malaysia, here’s a 25-minute video done by Aljazeera where an undercover investigation was done of the sinister world of baby selling.Sharon and her husband used Bethany Christian Services in Orlando for their domestic adoption.And yes, Melissa really did make Denise a macoroni award...
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