This Global Home | 31 Home Tours from Around the Globe


In 2016, we invited fellow expats to give us a peek into a typical day in their life and called it, “31 Days of This Global Life.” Needless to say, it was a big hit. Everyone loved having the opportunity to see what expat life looked like for other women. Some things were different, but a lot of women found themselves relating to one another, even though they lived on different continents.We want to continue with the theme of “sneak peeks” this year – except this time, with our homes! I can remember one summer when a group of volunteers came for a short trip. We had them over to our house one day for a meal and gave them a chance to debrief about their time in our host country. Before they left, one of the volunteers asked if he could take pictures of my house. He told me that everyone was interested about what houses looked like in Indonesia. I laughed and assured him I had no problem with him taking pictures, though I had never really thought about how intrigued others might be with my house and how it looked on the inside.The more I reflected on it, the more I realized I’m the same way. When I’m scrolling through photos on Instagram, I’m not only paying attention to the main subject. If I notice part of a fellow expat’s house in the background of a photo, I’m straining my eyes to see what it looks like.What does her kitchen look like? Does she have cabinets? Ohhh, is that her kids’ room? I love how she hung a swing. I wonder if her ceilings are high like mine. Would it be weird to message her and ask? Maybe so.For the next 31 days, you don't have to wonder anymore! Women from around the globe are opening up their doors to their houses, apartments, flats, and duplexes and saying, "Come on in!" (figuratively speaking, of course.) We hope you'll look through the photos of each home tour and feel inspired, encouraged, and motivated to make your far-away house feel like home. Below, you can find the list of scheduled home tours and we'll link to each post as it's published. If you'd like to share some glimpses of your overseas home with us on Instagram, feel free to use the hashtag #ThisGlobalHome The Global Home Tour Schedule:Day 1: Jessica's Home | Morocco Day 2: Jenn's Home | ZambiaDay 3: Caroline's Home | RwandaDay 4: Allie's Home | UgandaDay 5: Sharon's Home | KenyaDay 6: Anna's Home | Eswatini Day 7: Sheila's Home | MozambiqueDay 8: Julie's Home | TurkeyDay 9: Ally's Home | Middle EastDay 10: Christie's Home | ArmeniaDay 11: Heather's Home | Central AsiaDay 12: Abby's Home | NepalDay 13: Beth's Home | ChinaDay 14: Christy's Home | ThailandDay 15: Leigh's Home | IndonesiaDay 16: Kate's Home | TaiwanDay 17: Melissa's Home | JapanDay 18: Courtney's Home | Australia Day 19: Jessica's Home | CanadaDay 20: Naomi's Home | MexicoDay 21: Shelley's Home | GuatemalaDay 22: Crystal's Home | BelizeDay 23: Mary's Home | ColombiaDay 24: Brittni's Home | BrazilDay 25: Sara's Home | Uruguay Day 26: Karen's Home | IrelandDay 27: Danielle's Home | BelgiumDay 28: Rachel's Home | GermanyDay 29: Cat's Home | BosniaDay 30: Annetta's Home | SlovakiaDay 31: Melissa's Home | Latvia