This Global Home | Day 22: Belize


Hi, I'm Crystal. In August 2014, my husband Davy and I and our two small children said goodbye to our quiet, predictable life in rural Pennsylvania. We entered a new phase of mission house chaos in a small village in Belize. Four years and two children later, we have not regretted this move. Not that it hasn't had its tough moments - I think it has been the single biggest sanctifying factor in my life to date. But we have fallen in love with Belize, with its people, and with its weather (six months out of the year). Davy is the high school teacher at our Mennonite church school, and I am a stay-at-home-mom, plus serve as house mom for the American school teacher. No two days are ever the same with my four littles to care for and neighbors stopping by to chat or borrow something.Connect with me:     Blog     Instagram

Our home - we live on the upper level and there is a teacher apartment on the ground level.  Come on in!Now a tour of the bedrooms:The three girls share a bedroom.Lay-N-GoThe tiny sliver of a room where the baby sleeps.Another small space:Keeping it real! A grand mixture of dog, toys, children, and laundry!  Little helpers make use of laundry lines on the veranda.View of the backyard from our veranda. I love my washline that stretches out over the yard. The buildings below are a shop with guests bedrooms at one end, and a mower shed and outdoor bathroom.The entrance to the apartment below our living quarters where the school teacher lives.Our front yard. In past years, the red shed was used as a schoolroom. We are thankful for a brand new school this year that leaves this shed vacant.Our home in the evening.  Thank you for stopping by.           
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