31 Days of This Global Kitchen

The Global Kitchen Feature

It’s time for another October series! We want to continue with this theme of “sneak peeks” – except this time, with our kitchens!

We discussed kitchens a little bit on the podcast in the ITTS episode “All About Expectations.” Alicia talked about how she shared photos with people in the States of all her kitchens since moving overseas. She showed her box oven and her tiny closet kitchen and she showed before and after pictures of how she tried to make the most of her closet kitchen. Afterwards, so many people came up to her telling her how much they loved seeing photos like that -- the real life stuff. Sometimes we think people only want to hear about the exciting things that happen to us while we’re living overseas. As it turns out, people are just as curious to hear about the day-in, day-out stuff.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re probably all interested to see what others’ people’s kitchens are like. The kitchen serves a huge purpose. It where we prepare meals and serve others. It’s like the Grand Central Station of the home, receiving a large amount of foot traffic. And for expats, the kitchen can also be one of the quirkier parts of the home. Sometimes it has zero cabinets and minimal countertop space. Sometimes it’s where the washing machine sits. Sometimes there is one outlet to power the entire kitchen. Sometimes it comes with a brick oven. It all depends on the country you live in and what the locals feel is the most practical thing to have. We expats have to get creative with how we make this space practical and functional for our needs, as well.

So, for this series, 31 women from around the globe are going to invite you into their kitchens. Even more exciting, you’re not going to leave their kitchens empty-handed. After each kitchen tour, they’ll share an expat-friendly recipe for you to try out in your own kitchen.

We hope you enjoy this seres and are able to fill your recipe box with some delicious new foods to try. But more than that, we hope you’ll walk away feeling inspired to use your kitchen as a tool for connecting with your community. Whether it’s making a treat to take to the neighbors or having a friend over to teach you how to cook a local dish, we hope your kitchen becomes a place where many memories are made.

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31 Days of This Global Kitchen

Day 1: Lynn’s Kitchen | France

Day 2: Meagan’s Kitchen | Germany

Day 3: Lauren B’s Kitchen | Austria

Day 4: Rosalie’s Kitchen | Spain

Day 5: Michelle’s Kitchen | Russia

Day 6: Whitney’s Kitchen | Jordan

Day 7: Lauren’s Kitchen | Middle East

Day 8: Lauren H’s Kitchen | UAE

Day 9: Stephanie’s Kitchen | West Asia

Day 10: Rachel’s Kitchen | India

Day 11: Taylor’s Kitchen | Nepal

Day 12: Katie’s Kitchen | China

Day 13: Melanie’s Kitchen | Thailand

Day 14: Heather’s Kitchen | Laos

Day 15: Jess’ Kitchen | Cambodia

Day 16: Kari’s Kitchen | Malaysia

Day 17: Denise’s Kitchen | Indonesia -- small kitchen

Day 18: Alicia’s Kitchen | Indonesia -- large kitchen

Day 19: Kara’s Kitchen | South Korea

Day 20: Anna’s Kitchen | Nicaragua

Day 21: Tina’s Kitchen | Ecuador

Day 22: Maggie’s Kitchen | Brazil

Day 23: Sarah’s Kitchen | Uruguay

Day 24: Ali’s Kitchen | Western North Africa

Day 25: Ashley’s Kitchen | North Africa

Day 26: Sarah W’s Kitchen | Botswana

Day 27: Nicole’s Kitchen | South Africa

Day 28: Kristin’s Kitchen | Egypt

Day 29: Courtney’s Kitchen | Tanzania

Day 30: Stacy’s Kitchen | Malawi

Day 31: Sarah’s Kitchen | Horn of Africa