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This Global Kitchen | Day 5: Russia

My cabinets are full of very random dishes, like mismatched coffee cups — including three Starbucks mugs. We have limited ourselves to places we've lived so the collection doesn't get too out of control. We have plates that don't match, my husband's beloved Auburn University Tervis tumblers, gazillions of plastic plates and cups for when lots of expat guests come over, etc. While I long for dishes that match and are pretty, it's hard to commit to the investment in nice dishes because, well, we still have little kids. In the last six months, I think we've (and by we've, I mean they've) broken a tea cup, two bowls, and two small plates. It's easier to not be frustrated when it's a hodge-podge anyway.

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This Global Kitchen | Day 4: Spain

I can find anything I need for a kitchen here in Spain, as we have Ikea, department stores and even Costco (which sells stuff that’s too big for our place). However, it’s all much more expensive than in the States, so we shipped a lot when we moved, and most of it was kitchen items. I brought my knives, stainless steel cookware, cast iron, and my Kitchen-aid mixer. I still haven’t purchased a converter though, so the mixer has yet to run.

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