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This Global Kitchen | Day 8: UAE

The tea nook is my favorite place in this room. It's full of vintage tins I’ve collected over the years and every tea you can imagine from all over the world, plus all my favorite mugs from local artists we’ve met throughout our travels (and of course our office themed mugs!). The water isn't great for drinking here so we have these water jugs that produce instant hot and cold water and it is the greatest gift! I drink a lot of hot tea throughout the day thanks to that guy.

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This Global Kitchen | Day 7: Middle East

When we first started looking for a home, I was very discouraged by how many homes didn't have an open floor plan. But then we came upon this new apartment in a brand new building that fit in our price range and I was hooked! I pictured plants everywhere and baskets, a coffee bar, and a little stool for my daughter to help me cook. Even though this kitchen isn't exactly what I would want in every single way, it met all of my necessities and I am beyond grateful for the big ole window that brings in all the natural light.

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This Global Kitchen | Day 6: Jordan

Hey guys! My name is Whitney, and my family and I live in Jordan. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and a mama to three children. Currently, I am a full time language student spending my days attempting to learn Arabic, which is not always easy for a girl from the south. 

If I am being honest with you, I love our apartment, but am not the biggest fan of our kitchen. It’s so… RED. I love all things clean and white, and my dream kitchen would be just that.

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