This Global Life | Day 22: Ghana


biophotoMy name is Christy Johanningmeier. I am a teacher at an international school in Accra, Ghana. I have been living overseas for a third of my life. I have taught English in China, 3rd grade in South Korea, and now I teach Bible here in Ghana. I love teaching, kids, and exploring many aspects of different cultures.

photo1The kitchen sink saga continues. Brown ooze is still seeping out onto the floor. Another day begins with a conversation with the apartment manager. (Side note: this issue was finally solved on this day after several weeks of problems. Yay!)photo2Rejoicing in another cool, overcast day and the lack of traffic on the road as Ghanaian schools are still on holiday. Soon these realities will be replaced with sweltering heat and a mess of cars.photo3American International School: my home away from home. I love this place!photo4The morning ritual outside my classroom: our students enjoying the “family” atmosphere of a small school. This ritual usually includes the consumption of the bagels sold each morning outside the school and viewing of the latest Youtube video sensations found on the internet that day.photo5Bible class with 7th graders from around the world. Students from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean come together to discuss God and His attributes. This is what I love about my job!photo6Students spend part of their lunch hour pursuing their favorite pastime: football.photo7Teachers spend their lunch hour enjoying adult conversation in the teacher workroom.photo8The 6th grade class is always ready for fun and adventure! Also, they were happy to take a break from schoolwork in order to take pictures.photo9Creative reenactment of the story of Jesus’ birth performed by 10th graders. Mary and Joseph receive school supplies, water, and hand sanitizer from the wise men. Mary insists that they kiss the baby.photo10Proud teacher moment. This student, in spite of her terror of public speaking, ran for Student Council Treasurer and gave an inspiring speech in front of the whole school. She is a true overcomer!photo11The school day ends with a mob of secondary students clamoring for their turn to vote in the student council elections. We are teaching the democratic process to the next generation.photo12My neighbor family and I used the Uber app to call a ride home at the end of the day. We were expecting a nice comfortable car, but got the smallest taxi ever instead!photo13This is Samuel. He works at Peter Pan, a fast food chicken restaurant that I frequent. I go there so often that Samuel usually enters my order into the register before I have even gotten all the way up to the counter. When I asked to take his picture today, he said, “Of course! You are an important customer!” I am so grateful for the friendly people of Ghana.photo14Sadly, the work day is not over for me yet. The dining room table doubles as tonight’s venue for grading papers. Progress reports are due this week, so the work must be done!photo15So grateful that this comfortable bed awaits me at 9:00 p.m. when I finish my work. It has been a long day, but a rewarding and successful one. This Global Life | Day 22: Ghana |