Episode 01: Doing the Never-Ever Things with Lauren Pinkston


Join us as we chat with Lauren Pinkston about adoption, moving between different countries (4 to be exact), and doing the things we said would never, EVER do. You'll also hear a little bit about the fair trade business started and how she handles herself when invited to "ELITE" events with local friends. You won't want to miss that story.

Show Notes

Connect with Lauren on Instagram. You can also follow the Instagram account for Wearthy -- @worthyforwear.

The photo and story of "Grandpa"

Lauren loves using Instagram account, The Traveling Academy, for ideas and advice as she begins to homeschool. If you have TCKs, you should check it out!

Here's the link to the Wearthy website and an excerpt from their "About" page:"Basically, we're tired of sacrificing other people's dignity and respect for our fashion fads. We believe there's a way to stay fashionable while honoring makers, but it takes patience + the willingness to ask hard questions. That's what we're here to do -- ask the hard questions for you. So you can shop with a clear conscience."

Lauren's favorite product right now from Wearthy: the Abera Crossbody Tote. We want one too!

And here's a little photo update. Lauren had her beautiful baby boy!

During the intro, Denise and Alicia referenced the post How Living Overseas Drained the Extrovert Out of Me (written by our lovely contributor, Emily Jackson). Has something similar happened to you since moving overseas?

And in case we didn't paint a good enough picture in your mind, here's the photo Denise originally picked for the aforementioned post:

Favorite article link: The Gift of Gethsemane for Those Who Struggle with a Difficult Call

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